Riding a Perfect Wave

Fans of water sports is surfing in the top of your list, because the sliding surface of the water and looks at the waves and feels incredibly charming. Surfing is not exclusively tied to the sea and can do in the rivers. Surfing is an essential part of the culture of Hawaii, where the boss was the surfer with more capacity and better surfboards, which is the verification of their authority. Europeans account for this ability in 1767, and a lot written about it as something that impressed.

There are different types of surfers, such as: body board - when you're out surfing only partially increased upper body of the plate, and surfing - if it is not in use on board, and the default menu, divided into short and long boarding . The difference lies in the construction of surfboards and surf-style. Surfboards are made from polyurethane foam or fiberglass. Its length is about 3 meters and weight varies depending on the weight of the individual surfer.

The sailing conditions are ideal coast of medium strength winds, the waves, creating pipes known. A spectacular image is without a doubt, where a surfer glides into the tunnel wave water touch the wall with his fingers before going out, not fall off your board. Experienced surfers know exactly what wave to ride and many spend hours in the water waiting for the perfect wave.

The aid in the form of technology forecasting using mathematical models to measure the magnitude and direction of the waves determined around the globe. Fan change during the year. During the winter, the West Coast in the summer in the tropics, where their movements are unpredictable, are created. Fan a few days, and surfer to find the best waves often travel around the world to catch them.

Many users are only in their spare time, while others are completely dedicated to her. In Surfing America is a way of life, California, Florida and Hawaii. Today, billion-dollar surf industry represents in terms of equipment and clothing. Surf Skills are the ability to surf under different conditions and the ability to control conduct a variety of exercises.

This sport is very dangerous because inexperienced surfers can easily be adopted by the waves and, if the coordination is not good, they can drown. There are risks on the rocks, sandbars and other surfers. Depending on which part of the world menu there is also a danger of sharks, rays and jellyfish.